One stiletto at a time

July 17, 2010

Perhaps you wonder about my many projects that are underway. Due to life circumstances I had to take the difficult decision to either put them on hold or completely pull out. Indeed, I could not attend the last ELLE EVENT and be part of a photo-shoot as the stylist.  I have no regrets since I see it as life experiences that are meant to be. In consequence, I have not blogged often as I wished.

In the light of the amazing fashion talents we have here in Montreal, I decided to change directions. I wish to put my focus on keeping you in the know of who they are and where you can purchase their items. Moreover, I am preparing to bring Marjorie's Closet to the next level such as writing en français. Will you join me as I reveal new finds and places to be ?

With that being said, bear with me while I build this project one stiletto at a time ...It will be worth it.

Bisou de Montréal

Marjorie xoxo

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Charleston said...

shame about the elle thing, but you sound like a seriously talented and cultured individual x

Marjorie's Closet said...

Wow, never expected such comment. This is give me energy =)

Love you for that Charleston

Marjorie xoxo

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