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May 25, 2010

Dear readers,

I did not forget any of you, hoping you are enjoying the beautiful weather. New projects are underway for Marjorie's Closet, this is a new beginning for sharing the best in the fashion industry.  Moreover, new followers appeared recently, Buzz Jeans and Salesaholics , visit them as they have a lot to offer and make you discover. Therefore, I wish to share some inspirational pictures with you.  

Come back time to time and feel free to tell me what you think.

Fashion Magazine April 2010 Issue

Great discovery  Everyday Diamonds . Jess and Robin from Vancouver designed these amazing bangles and more. 

Vogue China . Great concept !

Aldo Shoes

Hoola Hoops burlesque dancer I just discovered, Marawa .

Love to keep you wonder what's in my head. 


Marjorie xoxo

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Tribute to someone very special

May 15, 2010

Hello Fashionistas,
I have not written in while due life circumstances. My life cheerleader & father has  passed away on april 18 2010 of Pulmonary Fibrosis at the age of 67. At first, I was reluctant to share this story since in the fashion industry we tend to focus on what is beautiful, surreal and fabulous. However, after taking a step back, I believe that sharing how he inspired me would somehow bring some closure. 

My father's chilhood home in Gaspé. Now in ruins ... This house was recently destroyed.

First, writing  a post about my dad would require me to write a book. Therefore, I wish to put my emphasis on what made him so special and how much he believed in me. 

First picture top left : My dad in the center dressed up in suit and tie. Bottom left : My dad in short so funny Right side : My father with funky pants behind him grandma Bertha Thibeault 

My father worked hard all his life. He enrolled in the army, worked in the mines and later as a salesman. Selling was is number one skill. Alongside my mom, he sold life insurance and trust funds for children’s education. He would only push products he believed in such as education and securing life. On the other hand, he knew how to persuade prospects into buying from him. People loved him because he created one on one relationships with each clients and made sure to answer their needs. 

My last picture with dad last year. Not my best picture. I look so tired !

Another quality he possessed was having a positive attitude despite dealing with unpleasant life situations. He lived through many trials and tribulations but never gave up. His determination to prevail  came from this cheesy life moto he would always say ” Never give up and Never surrender”.  If asked how he was doing, he would always reply “ wonderful “ despite life’s rises and downfalls. Everyone in the neighborhood knew him since he always enjoyed lenghty conversation and knowing people. I actually got my networking skills from him. 

Mom and Dad at their wedding day. No comments on the glasses lol.

Moreover, he was always available to listen when I was going through difficult times. It was never too early or to late to ask him for help. When I first told him about my project, Marjorie’s Closet, he told me : “ This is the one, this is the good one ! “. I was surprised because if I compare it to my many other endeavors that I have given up,  he really did not want me to let  this particular project go. He simply added to put my trust in God, take a rest if needed but never quit. 

 Always sitting with his arm on the table and the other hand  resting on his lap.
He will be deeply missed. My father possessed the best qualities a human being can have: honesty, being smart, have empathy, the desire to help and listen to others. I will indeed use what he taught me for the rest of my life.

My father in Calgary waiving goodbye. Never thought that that would be is last smile .

May you rest in peace, my dearest dad.

Marjorie xoxo
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