One stiletto at a time

July 17, 2010

Perhaps you wonder about my many projects that are underway. Due to life circumstances I had to take the difficult decision to either put them on hold or completely pull out. Indeed, I could not attend the last ELLE EVENT and be part of a photo-shoot as the stylist.  I have no regrets since I see it as life experiences that are meant to be. In consequence, I have not blogged often as I wished.

In the light of the amazing fashion talents we have here in Montreal, I decided to change directions. I wish to put my focus on keeping you in the know of who they are and where you can purchase their items. Moreover, I am preparing to bring Marjorie's Closet to the next level such as writing en français. Will you join me as I reveal new finds and places to be ?

With that being said, bear with me while I build this project one stiletto at a time ...It will be worth it.

Bisou de Montréal

Marjorie xoxo

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Fashion Break

July 1, 2010

Two months ago I made a "Tribute to Someone Very Special ". Time flies since it has been two months already. As family and some of my best friends gathered to visit my father during his last days, I had found myself questioning every action both doctors and nurses where doing to keep my father alive. 

I was fortunate enough since my father's room was kept clean. According to what I saw, needles, hazardous substances, and used materials where kept in sealed containers away from patients. 
However, it was brought to my attention that the U.S government recently released its annual report on the quality of health care that Americans receive and while there have been some improvements, the news was not positive: hospitals still have work to do to put an end to the ongoing, but very solvable, problem of patients acquiring life-threatening infections in hospitals.  While this dilemma is raised in America, here in Canada perhaps we are not excluded from it either. 
To help achieve that, Kimblery-Clark Healthcare has put together a website called "Not on My Watch" at to educate patients and health care professionals.  Their goal is to eliminate these preventable illnesses and their often tragic consequences. 

Please read and support the following by visiting

Keep in mind that loved ones suffering are vulnerable and you may not want them to suffer from additionnal complications in hospitals. 

Bisou de Montréal

Marjorie xoxo

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