Too Many Shoes Not Enough Clothes

June 30, 2010

I shall say that Mother Nature has been generous and kind for the lovely weather. As a result, shoppers like myself are enthused to take advantage of designer rack sales.  I always get excited when purchasing a unique item at an affordable cost without compromising quality. Like I always say good things happen to those who wait.

I have to admit that I am a shoe fanatic. Perhaps, I will need to change my blog name to " Marjorie's Shoes".  Referring to my last post, if you haven't yet read "Higher The Better ". I am indeed in a shoe state of mind, I recently got these Michael Kors shoes. I got them from a store nearby work called Jean-Paul Fortin .

I was spying on them for the past two months.  Time past and they had slipped my mind. Few days ago, I noticed a shoe rack sale at Fortin.  Get ready for violins and get some kleenex : " She was standing there alone waiting for me to rescue her...  Alright Alright,  I bought the leopard MK's and the price was right.  

Somehow I find them very risqué but I adore them. They will be kept for the days or night when I feel GRRRR.

I believe that you should have a couple of items with animalistic prints. They always come back on the runway from time to time. However, beware... must be worn in moderation.

Now I have a new pair... I must find the perfect outfit for it. This is the price I have to pay for having too many shoes not enough clothes. 

Bisou de Montréal

Marjorie xoxo

P.S : I committed  a second offence that same week at Zara, here they are. Any outfit ideas ? Feel free to comment. Also, follow me on Twitter and let's keep in touch.

Definitely no regrets and no turning back !

* So sorry for the picture quality, I will get better as I go ;-)


S Milano said...

Hi Marjorie, You are a funny girl, shoes are great, love the shoes, you will definitely get lots of grrr. Enjoy them.

aurelie-letizia said...

Wow tes chaussures bleues sont absolument magnifiques!!! (la forme ET la couleur - j ai une sorte de passion pour le bleu dans les vetements lol!)

Marjorie's Closet said...

Merci beaucoup Aurelie... toutes les filles ont adoré mes chaussures Zara bleu... Mille merci ... En passant il est chouette ton blogue ma belle =) Merci pour le commentaire.

Bisou xoxo

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