Higher The Better !

June 6, 2010

Hello there,

Shoes are the most comforting item when feeling blue. Giovanna Battaglia's famous quote "The lower I feel, the higher the heels" is my perfect excuse to catwalk down the street with over the top heels.  I just love shoes and agree that the higher they are the more I feel on top of the world. They may sometimes hurt but the point is they look hot on me ok !!!  I leave you here with these beauties that caught my eyes.  Do you like them ?

Proenza Schouler

Fashionista Brooklen Sequin Caged Platforms Sandals

Burberry spring 2010

Dolce & Gabanna

Elizabeth and James Mason

Alaia Boots 2010 Collection

Sometimes in life when situations are not right its better to move on.  Therefore, staying true to yourself is the way to go. Never compromise your values to please others. 

Enjoy the rest of your sunday,

Bisous de Montréal

Marjorie xoxo

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charmaine said...

Girl, these are Fabulous!! love your picks. i am a shoe fanatic too. i love all kinds of shoes. they may hurt at times, but honey ya look good. LOL!!

how are you? i pray all is well. have a lovely week!

God Bless,

S Milano said...

Hey Marjorie

You know me and shoes, great shoes!! Which I had a closet full.

Audrwey said...

Oh là là le modèle turquoise est magnifique!!!


Marjorie's Closet said...

S.Milano : I actually do and although I am old enough to take my responsabilities... my mom still ask me if I did buy another shoe.

Audrwey : J'adore comment ton nom est épelé... Oui effectivement, toutes les vrais fashionistas sont tombées amoureuse des turquoise lol

Merci les filles.

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