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May 25, 2010

Dear readers,

I did not forget any of you, hoping you are enjoying the beautiful weather. New projects are underway for Marjorie's Closet, this is a new beginning for sharing the best in the fashion industry.  Moreover, new followers appeared recently, Buzz Jeans and Salesaholics , visit them as they have a lot to offer and make you discover. Therefore, I wish to share some inspirational pictures with you.  

Come back time to time and feel free to tell me what you think.

Fashion Magazine April 2010 Issue

Great discovery  Everyday Diamonds . Jess and Robin from Vancouver designed these amazing bangles and more. 

Vogue China . Great concept !

Aldo Shoes

Hoola Hoops burlesque dancer I just discovered, Marawa .

Love to keep you wonder what's in my head. 


Marjorie xoxo

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charmaine said...

hi Marjorie! how are you? i want to first acknowledge that beautiful and heart touching post you did on your dad. loved it! love the family photos.

you know what, i don't think i got your message. i looked and looked but didn't see one. what was it? i would love to this post and i will be looking forward to your new projects. i know they will be fabulous! have a lovely day!

God Bless,

Salesaholics said...

Hi Marjorie,

Thanks for the introduction, and some beautiful artwork indeed - you got an eye for it girl!

Marjorie's Closet said...

Thank you so much Chairman... I sent you a comment to not post since I am looking for your contact email.


Marjorie xoxo

Marjorie's Closet said...

Thank you Salesaholics, love your concept


Marjorie xoxo

Anonymous said...

loving this! really fun
youve got a great blog, keep it up!
thanks for sharing, i'll be watching your posts


Marjorie's Closet said...

Thank you so much Caroline... check your comments =)


-Marjorie xoxo

Teresa said...

Beautiful bangles! I love how soft they look!


Marjorie's Closet said...

Thank you Teresa, I think I might get them. I already got a few from this etsy shop called Everday Diamonds.


Marjorie xoxo

Elizabeth McGregor said...

wow did a great job!! Love the bit you put in about Dad and the hospital..very lovely. Loving the shoes as well...heaven!! ;) love you sis xo

Marjorie's Closet said...

Thank you bebeth ! Love you xoxo

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