MFW 18 Denis Gagnon F/W 2010

March 7, 2010

Closing  Montreal’s fashion week was Denis Gagnon’s runway show. As Chic Milano and I  braved the cold, presentation began behind scheduled time last thursday at Marché Bonsecours in the city's Old Port.  However, we were not disappointed rather mesmerised to be part of his universe.  Coiffed in african inspired cornroads by reknown hair stylist Denis Binet , models walked the runway wearing his creations with confidence and swagger. Colours from blacks, golds, browns and khaki dominated the catwalk. Our made in Quebec designer harmonized thin leather, fringed textile detailed with perfection creating a peek a boo on model’s body without being vulgar. 

via : Photo credit : Guillaume  Alcaraz

Later, Gagnon featured a gold dress made out of his trademark “ Zippers“. This garment was indeed a crowd pleaser and won acclaim. In the light of our era where war and massive destruction makes headlines, we felt Denis’s direction to invite us to a new journey, his world. 

Photo via :

The show started with a screened documentary named “Je m’appelle Denis Gagnon ” where he narrates about his final collection touches in his atelier. Later we are invited to his native Alma where we are kept in suspense when the film stops with him saying wanted to unveil his true self.

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His design’s focal point was what I can describe as women in charge ready for combat.  In addition, I felt the merge between glamour and star wars with a sense of sensitivity.  His statement was such a contrast from what he calls himself  being  someone that lacks confidence. 

Photos via : Credit: Dave Sideway Canwest News Services

The message was strong and clear. Denis belongs to fashion and fashion is what he does best.   

Marjorie x0x0
Photos : 1. The now Iconic Zipper Dress 2. Footage picture from “Je m’’appele Denis Gagnon “

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