Actress Christine Solomon

March 23, 2010

Meet international Canadian Egyptian actress Christine Solomon. Currently making her mark in North America with her latest Egyptian film Heliopolis. Playing a gothic character on screen, Ms. Solomon is not afraid to transform herself to convey the emotions and personality of the roles she plays.

Last year's Toronto Film Festival, we went for a BCBG soft nude dress.

Brace yourself, when she walks down a red carpet, she is sure to turn heads. Working with Christine is a match made in heaven for a stylist. I believe that both her confidence and good genes are what makes an oufit appealing for camera flashes. My goal as Christine Solomon's personal stylist is to have her wear the garments in such a way that it doesn't over shadow her.  My contribution to her personal style is to give her attire both a European modern feel with an exotic twist. 

Christine with ET Canada Host  Rick Campanelli at the Jet set Crew VIFF party

Christine exudes sex appeal and I sure wish to keep that edge. Therefore, I do often choose BCBG , Andy Thé Anh or Tunisian well acclaim fashion designer Soucha  which are suitable for special events. 

Christine at a fitting session with Tunisian fashion designer Soucha.

Christine with fellow actor Matt Dillon at the Cairo Film Festival. She was wearing a dress designed by Soucha.

Again, Christine being inteviewed and wearing another baby blue Soucha dress.

At the Valencia Film Festival in Spain wearing a BCBG dress

Nevertheless, we are not afraid to add essentials inspired by "street style" which are from affordable retail stores such as H&M , ASOS and Zara . Apart from that, when we cannot find what we want, we go for DIY.

Here we totally free styled by pairing a Zara blazer, liquid legging for ASOS, necklace inspired by Chanel's pearls, white flowy blouse by Bedo and hot black booties by Charles & Keith.

When it comes to accessories, Christine loves to mix vintage pieces with current ones. She owns a wide variety from Chanel to Michael Kors that she picked up while traveling abroad. As for shoes ! She possesses a shoe collection to die for. Sometimes we laugh about not knowing what to choose. 

Here a the Notte Bianco Charity Event. The attire needed theme party was to wear an all in white assemble.  

Christine's style is constantly evolving as her career progresses. We enjoy discovering new designers, vintage boutiques or perhaps clothing kept in her closet from years ago. I try to suggest pieces that would make her standout along by showcasing her natural beauty. I put most of my efforts searching for new ideas to enhance her image. 

Click here and learn more about Christine Solomon.


Marjorie xoxo

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