Whitney Port for Z!NK Magazine

March 23, 2010

Dear readers,

I came across this Z!nk editorial called "Midnight Ramble" featuring Whitney Port while chatting with my friend Chic Milano. I just love that girl's free spirited attitude and personality. Therefore, I decided to share it with you. This photo shoot was inspired by the 70's icon Jerry Hall. Enjoy !

I love Z!nk magazine for their avant - garde and highly creative fashion content.

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Editorial via : Z!NK  
Photo : Steven Gomellion and Dennis Leupold
Stylist: Soo Cha


Anonymous said...

She looks phenomenal, I love Whitney!

Anonymous said...

hmmm i quite like this editorial...it's like another side to her other than the girly frilly stuff!

Marjorie's Closet said...

Adrienne- I totally agree ! That's why I decided to put it on my blog. =)

Goldfacedbetty - She definetly looks different and stunning there. =)

Marjorie xoxo

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