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April 11, 2010

Hello Readers,
After preparing this article for weeks, I am now happy to share my interview about Montreal makeup artist Wesline Clermont with you. The reason why I have choosen her for this week's post is because she is a friend, a true inspiration, a character that holds positive energy and brightens the room upon her arrival.  Wesline is more than a makeup artist she is also a respiratory anesthesia therapist and someone that gives back to her community.  Moreover, she is always eager to give advice or tips and tricks when it comes to the art of applying makeup. She generously gave me some of her time to answer my questions. Therefore, I wish to share this experience with you all.

About Wesline

As a young girl, she began practicing the art of makeup on her mother and siblings. Her talent catched people's attention and shortly after everyone started requesting her. As  a result, she worked as a part time makeup artist while studying. When I asked what inspires her, Clermont stated that she finds inspiration not only from her surroundings but from everything else she encouters in life such as colors found on a great  painting or someone's particular style.

Wesline is known for having flawless skin and amazing makeup !

Hard working Ms. Clermont featured on the last Winter 2009-2010 LouLou Magazine for a  makeover.  She truly deserved it ! She had no complain . She enjoyed getting pampered !

Ms. Clermont the Make Up Artist 

Wesline has worked  with several Montreal celebrities and collaborated on runway shows, music videos, movies and special events such as the "Concours des jeunes créateurs de Mode du Québec. She has a handful of projects keeping her busy all year long. Furthermore, as a respiratory care and anesthesia therapist, she also volunteers to help beautify cancer patients.

Montreal Talent Actress Natacha Noel 

Designer Jean-Pierre Février AKXKA

Q & A

Wesline's makeup tips and tricks

Marjorie's Closet : What makeup essentials must a fashionista own to maintain beautiful skin ?

Wesline Clermont : My number one skin tip would probably be to always moisturize. Never apply makeup on virgin or dry skin. Once that is done, keep in mind anyone can learn to apply makeup, learning to be innovative and personalizing it to your own personality and lifestyle. These are the most important  elements to achieve great look. 

MC : What makeup essential should I have in my purse ?

WC: We should always carry some lip-gloss and mascara. If your purse is big enough (like mine lol) , throw in a nice clay powder or foundation and some blush. 

MC: What are your favorite tools or brand to work with when applying make-up and why ? 

WC: For eye shadow, I absolutely love NYX, Dior and Urban Decay, the potency of their colors are incomparable. For foundation, I use Bobbi Brown and Dr. Hauschka a German-based cosmetic company. As for the lip and eyeliner, I love Rimmel. Moreover, for making your lashes fabulous, I go for Lancôme's Femme Fatale, Hypnose, DiorShow and for the low budget, a really good brand I would recommand is Maybelline's Define -A-Lash. Finally, I also have to add that I love Sephora's nail polish and anything from Lancôme and Make up Forever !

MC : Tell us about spring trends ( in terms of make-up)?

WC: I do not think anyone should follow any particular trend especially if it does not fit their personality. However, this spring I would love to see daring beautiful colors fresh shimmery skin and long lashes. 

MC : What are your suggestions for day to evening look ?

WC: One of the most important things if you know you are going out later, is to have a great base. Apply a good foundation on well moisturized skin and some translucent powder to set it in. This will give you a great canvas to apply makeup on later. Finish this simple everyday look with mascara and some lip-gloss. Keep it light and fresh. Later, to get ready to go out, focus on eyes with brown fillers, eyeliner, mascara and great colors.  If your eyes are the focus, keep the lips neutral.

Wesline likes

MC : What are your favorite Canadian make-up brands and why ?

WC: Cargo and M.A.C , need I explain ? They are great ! Also love QUO for their inexpensive brushes!

Quo Brushes available at your nearest Shoppersdrugmart  (Pharmaprix).  Great investment !!

MC : Thank you so much Wesline and I cannot wait to work with you again !

WC: You welcome ma belle !

Hope you enjoyed this interview. I sure did learn something new. 

I will keep you posted on all my futur collaborations with Wesline .


Marjorie xoxo


S Milano said...

I enjoyed this, thanks Marjorie for this info and Wesline is great too.

Wesline said...

I just wanna say thank you for taking the time to post this about my work. It is so appreciated and indicative of the kind of person you are.
The time and effort you put into this is a sign of what people can expect by dealing with you!

Cannot wait to be at your services again!


Marjorie's Closet said...

S. Milano : Thank you so much for your coms. Getting props from you is amazing since its so not easy for me to write. Thank you for your positive vibe.

Wesline : Writing this article was indeed very special to me. Alike actress Christine Solomon, you both help shape what I am trying to do for Montreal's fashion industry and the world ( why not =)!!! ) This is so not easy !

Anonymous said...

Great Interview - very in depth and informative.

Keep it up and can't wait to meet you soon.

maureen said...

Marjorie what you're doing is amazing and i wish you all The best and longevity. Its not easy but its worth it and i CAN tell. This morning, when you came to my desk and told me The article on Wes was done you looked happy and we CAN all see your pasion for fashion.
And for Wes!! The makeup artist the woman with a million gifts who's not afraid to share all that she knows in so many ways!!!! I think your The bomb no one CAN say otherwise. Xox love you ladies xox

THEBYBLE said...

great selection! thanks

Marjorie's Closet said...

You welcome "The Byble" !

Marjorie xoxo

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