Montreal Designer Denis Gagnon

February 9, 2010

Originally hailing from Alma Quebec, I am proud to begin by presenting Montreal based designer Denis Gagnon . I shall deem him “most wanted in your closet”. His journey began at College Lasalle, and evolved later to design clothes for movies, advertising and theatre. Working alongside Yso ( another favorite) as an art director back in 1998, a revelation awakened him to create his own collection. He drew attention in the Montreal fanfan scene in 2004, winning the Fashion Export Award for best designer. Best known for his minimalist and monochromatic designs, his garments have fluid lines which evoke sensuality and practicality all in one.

Via: Fashion Magazin Photography by Jimmy Hamelin

Via : Photo © Evelyn Reid

His life did not exclude trouble and trials since he experienced the closing of his store in 2007. However, his drive would not let this stop him.  After disappearing for nearly two years, he is back with a vengeance. We applaud him for his new spring 2010 collection presented at Bonsecours during Montreal’s Fashion week. Gagnon flirts with creativity, sophistication and indulges in modernity making this season’s collection; “the Zipper” a couture centerpiece. Gagnon does not get lost in moodboards but perhaps put his efforts into experimenting with different textures, tones and techniques to lead to his inspiration.  How can I not be charmed by his eccentric Lanvin glasses as he expressed his desire to conquer all of Europe? I would not be stunned by such exploit ! Such talent; that is his creation, are found in upscale stores such as Holt Renfrew in Canada and  New York's Intermix .
Many projects are underway for Denis. We have heard about possible collaborations with Canada’s retail store Bedo to be released in fall-winter 2010-2011. He is to be featured in Montreal’s Musée des Beaux-Arts , which is fitting since his couture exudes what I call modern structural art in its finest and is indeed a perfect fit in a museum.  In addition, working on a DIY (Do it yourself) collection for Canadian shoe retail store Aldo . I will be sure to follow his endeavours and share them with you all. I wish him longevity from season to season.  

Via: Various sites both Denis Gagnon's pic and shoes

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