Gentle Sexy By Paul Smith

February 14, 2010

I have just discovered this new designer collection by Paul Smith through asos and I absolutely want to share it with you. This collection boasts very interesting silhouettes by Smith with such simplicity and elegance.  Although the price point may be a bit high for some of us recessionista's, some items are quite affordable such as this floral double wrap belt ; for just $106.51. Quite a nice investment considering the vibrant contrast patterned print finish. With this new designer you could possibly be the only one sporting it, or maybe make that two of us sporting it in Mtl * (namely me).  Very original and unique. I love it and want it.

Perhaps , I see myself wearing this  Shadow print dress. Fabulous for those days when you want to stroll downtown streets or to meet friends at a Café this spring paired with nude pumps. Love it.. so fresh!

Another option.. this sweet lady Surf Tote to stuff all your shopping finds into.  

Love the soft gentle feel inspired by Paul smith.  Sounds interesting? Click here  and see more about this iconic British designer .  What do you think  ? 

Have a happy Sunday and Valentines day =)

 Marjorie xoxo

* Mtl is a short for my hometown Montreal 


Anonymous said...

Great article, very interesting.

Christine Solomon said...

I LOVE it Marjorie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xox

Marjorie's Closet said...

Thank you Chris, hope we get that garment from Gagnon's collection.
See you soon =) xoxo

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