Isabelle May Jewelry

March 13, 2010

My quest to enhance my outfits has not stopped yet.  I would like to introduce you to jewelry designer  Isabelle May from Montreal.

May's belief is that every woman deserves to shine like a star.

Patience and passion are the elements that  both contribute to her succes. She launched her line in August 2007.  Her entrepreneurial endeavour caught the Montreal fashion industry’s eye creating a frenzy.  

Isabelle May, I love her sequin tank top, isn't she pretty ?

Carefully crafted, each piece is made of semi precious stones and Swarowski crystals.  

Moreover, her pieces where featured on editorials,  advertising and  local celebrity photo shoots in some  top Canadian fashion magazines such as LouLou , Clin d'Oeil and Elle Québec . 

I dare you to indulge by enhancing your outfits with Isabelle  May's jewelry. 

Interested ? Her jewels are available at this fabulous local store called Billie Boutique . The best part is you can order them online.  Click here for more store locations. 
I will be sure to get my own piece soon. I love to support people that follow their passion. 
Marjorie x0x0

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